Thursday, October 26, 2006

DeeLeeShoss Americahn Cheeze, Part 2

Our little antennae always keenly attuned to the political implications of what contestant Elia Aboumrad Harfuch dubbed "DeeLeeShoss Americahn Cheeze," we could not help but giggle when we read yesterday's New York Times story about former White House chef Walter Scheib III.

Chef Scheib was fired by First Lady Laura Bush's social secretary for serving "country-club food." Chef Scheib was taken aback, since he was serving only what the First Family wanted to eat, and declared himself bored with their unadventurous eating.

The first time [the new social secretary] met Mr. Scheib she told him that she wanted the White House kitchen to produce meals like those her husband had enjoyed at one of Marco Pierre White’s restaurants in London. Mr. White, who once had three Michelin stars, has served everything from braised pigs’ trotters to truffled parsley soup with poached eggs.

“I’m thinking to myself, ‘I’m not sure the president is going to be big on that,’ ” said Mr. Scheib, who had made many an enchilada and grilled-cheese sandwich on white bread with Kraft singles for President Bush."

It's tricky, ain't it, when Hail to the Chief replaces Hail to the Chef.


Willa Frank said...

wow! i didn't know that kraft american slices came in the industrial size pack -- but i guess i should have, huh? ;-)

Willa Frank said...

oh. and here's another fan:

"I've always loved to cook," said [Easy Exotic] Lakshmi, as she delicately munched a grilled cheese sandwich. "Food is very sensual. It's so integral to the daily fabric of our lives that it has a lot of emotional context."--LA Times, 10/15/06