Friday, May 09, 2008

Finale-Bound: Where the Sunlight's Streaming and the Natives Steaming?

And, West Side Story reference aside, possums, by steaming natives we mean, of course, the hopped-up, cage-match-ready little denizens of Top Chef (Dale, Lisa, Spike, Andrew et al).

But there's a reason for the allusion, and it isn't simply because we're Rita Moreno fans.

See, earlier this week, our pal Lesley at Eater LA let drop a little tidbit no doubt fed to her by a chappie or lassie in an underground parking garage and fearing the all-seeing eye of Big Bravoer:

We have it on very good authority that the Top Chef finale will start taping this weekend. We don't know who is in the finale, and we don't know for sure where, but rumor has it Big Tom, Pads, Gail, Ted and the happy band of guest judges are heading out to the Carribbean (think: sofrito, arroz con pollo, Salsa, J-Lo)....

And then yesterday, Raggaydy Andy, whose blog we scrutinize with quasi-Kabbalistic assiduity for just this sort of thing, let this drop:

My allergies in NYC are so bad that I want to rip my eyes out, which is reason enough for me to be sitting here at a gate at JFK very early this morning. The real reason is that I am heading to a shoot far away.

Coincidence? We think not.

UPDATE: We have confirmation from Ted Allen in The Dallas Morning News. Besides throwing out some coy hints about frontrunners perhaps not making it all the way, Ted reveals that the finale will be shot tomorrow night, and that by the time he arrives in Dallas on Sunday, he will know who won "the title of Top Chef."


Anonymous said...

Oh, the Caribbean would be awesome! I'll bet they'll do it at Eric Ripert's restaurant on Grand Cayman.

Fat Cat said...

Miz Padma was on Oprah today, judging a sandwich competition. Guess she got on a plane for the Caribbean the second they finished taping.

Interesting what Ted had to say. Leads me to believe that perhaps Richard Blais, who is one of my favorite cheftestants, doesn't make it to the end. And didn't someone else hint last week that the females were very strong this year? This might finally be the year a woman takes the Top Chef crown. Just hope it's Stephanie or Antonia and not Lisa.

hughman said...

i find it hard to read Andy without caps anymore.

"which is reason enough for me to be sitting here AT A GATE AT JFK (I'M IMPORTANT!!!!) very early this morning. The real reason is that I am heading to a SHOOT FAR AWAY ( SOMEPLACE FOREIGN AND EXOTIC WHERE I FROLIC WITH UMA THURMAN!!!!).

oh andy, we got it. you are the uber-gay on that small island called Manhattan.

janele said...

I can't hear or see the word sofrito without thinking about that contestant on "The Next Food Network Star" who did nothing else but cook with it in every dish.

egyptchick7 said... the TOP CHEF event at the union sq. barnes and noble and few weeks ago, I saw Andy...introduced myself and impulsively said " Wow, you look so much cuter in person than on TV" it made us laugh...He is nice...