Wednesday, September 05, 2007

28th Most Beautiful Lady in the World Now a Fallen Woman

No, possums, not in that way. We mean that she's fallen in the rankings.

Apparently, there's something called a "lad mag." And it seems one of these magazines, which, rather than offering lads, cater to them, is called Maxim (though the only Maxims we're familiar with were penned by La Rochefoucauld). And Maxim has, it appears, just come out with its 2007 "Hot 100 List." And Padma Lakshmi, who was once named the 28th Most Beautiful Lady in the World, is, oh horror of horrors, no. 87.

Well, as La Rochefoucald said, "Il y a peu de femmes dont le mérite dure plus que la beauté." Or, there are few women whose merit lasts longer than their beauty.

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Vic said...

What, did someone notice her scar? Was her beauty directly related to the state of her marriage? Did ranking depend on her showing her boobies and belly button? Inquiring minds want to know.