Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An Eggy Day in London Town

This witty ad for the Eurostar, the "high-speed" train that shuttles between London's Waterloo Station and Paris' Gare du Nord, is the sort of thing that makes us miss France and riding the métro in Paris; well, that and the smell of steam, hot rubber, and viennoiseries at the République station.
We put high-speed in scare quotes because the one and only time we rode the Eurostar, the train broke down on the way to the Chunnel, had to return to Paris, where we switched trains and headed back again, having missed our connection in London. This resulted in our having to spend the night in London, on the Eurostar's dime, registered at the hotel as "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," and in the morning we had an English breakfast, of the type pictured in the ad. And so we discovered that yes, Virginia, the English do eat frijoles for breakfast.

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Miss XaXa said...

I love what you've done to the place!