Friday, November 24, 2006

Day After Thanksgiving Edition: Things We Are Thankful For

Anthony Bourdain on Michael "Beer Bong" Midgely: "It's like Betty Crocker and Charles Manson had a love child, and he's cooking for me."

Anthony Bourdain on our chulo Chef Carlos' salad: "On a cruise ship, with Kathie Lee yodeling on the Lido deck, I'd expect my salad to look better than that."

What we're thankful for: that Anthony Bourdain is not a regular judge, or else we would have nothing to do, because (and we say this with fear and respect) the man is bitchier than we could ever hope to be.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, loved Anthony Bourdain as a judge. He was funny and tough but also gave credit where credit was due.

Anonymous said...

Bourdain saved this TC 2 episode, which was about as exciting as a Kathy Lee Gifford concert.

At the end, I totally didn't care who won.