Tuesday, November 07, 2006

People's Princess Fears: I'm No Girl "Friday's"

There's trouble in paradise for People's Princess Padma Lakshmi. She is currently in Hawaii filming the finale of "Top Chef," but all is not right with the world.

Her conscience is gnawing at her. What could it be? Surely not the fact that her favorite junkfood is "[m]ovie theater nachos with lots of jalapeƱo"? No, it's not that.

How about the fact that she has actually and with no apparent trace of irony listed "Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd and Southbound Suarez by Led Zeppelin" as the perfect songs to listen to in Hawaii? No, it's not that, either.

So what has the People's Princess so worried? "I think I offended some TGIF executives recently. I hope I didn't but I think I did." Last week's challenge went so well; even she broke out the cleavage and the denim for them, so how could she have offended the TGIFriday's people? We burn with curiosity. (We're also curious as to the hell came up with the Jack Daniel's sauce idea at TGIFriday's. Is that your doing, Boog? You have a lot to answer for.)


Anonymous said...

Gawd this blog is funny. Glad I found it.

Charlus said...

Merci bien, Ms. Place. We're rather fond of your lipstick and hope you keep comin' back to see us. And tell all your friends about us.