Monday, November 06, 2006

Seymour, Mon Amour: Padma's Sapphic Shocker!

We woke up, we swear, with the intention of posting a tribute to judge Gail Simmons, whom we have woefully neglected, but sometimes things fall in one's lap et voilĂ . So we find ourselves writing, yet again, about Padma. After her choice bit of slumming this past week during the TGIFriday's challenge, we're rather fond of her at the moment.

Yes, we wrote that with her midriff-baring cowgirl outfit, she was dressing as if primed to star in a Sergio Leone version of Brokeback Mons Veneris, but little did we know how close to the truth we came. Courtesy of Bravo exec Andy Cohen's blog comes this choice titbit (that's the British spelling, mes enfants, so honi soit qui mal y pense):

When asked by Raggedy Andy, "Who is the person that you would have a night with if you could get a pass from your partner/spouse?" Padma answered, "Stephanie Seymour."

Frankly, we don't care whether Padma finds Stephanie Seymour crave-able in that TGIFriday's, "We can get you a straw for that," "Don't bogart the plate, my friends" way, or whether her statement is merely calculated to titillate. (If so, her calculation skills put her on a par with Isaac Newton).

It's a delicious thought nonetheless. Someone should call up Showtime and have them offer cameos on The L Word, pronto.

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