Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Flower Power

Ask and ye shall receive. That is why we love our fabulous, wicked, gleaming-eyed readers.

Thanks to one of you, here is the picture of Sam Talbot in the flowered shirt. Definitely Keyser Söze, and thanks to the open collar and the necklace, even gayer than Kevin Spacey (and that's really saying something when you're up against Mr. I-Lost-My-Wallet-While-Jogging-at-an-Ungodly-Hour-in-a-London-Park-Notorious-for-Cruising-But-I'm-Not-Really-Gay-Despite-Wearing-a-White-Dinner-Jacket-and-Taking-My-Mother-to-the-Oscars).

And Anonymous, even though Beer Bong is your favorite, you do not have bad taste. Quite the contrary. After all, you are reading Amuse-Biatch, so how could you possibly have bad taste? In fact, you are a gorgeous, graceful, stylish individual, and thanks to you, somewhere, a little blogger cherub just got its wings.

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