Friday, December 01, 2006

Josette Eber Forgives Us for Calling Her Josette Eber

Thanks to the intrepid Miss XaXa, who traipsed from Georgia to Oakdale, California, for a take-out tri-tip dinner this very afternoon, we are now in possession of a take-out menu from Feed the People, autographed by Josette Eber herself, Mia Gaines-Alt (click on the photo to view it in all its engorged pink glory).

Of course, the headline is a little misleading. Mia doesn't actually know that we call her Josette Eber, so she can't really forgive us. But what do you expect from us?

A full report from Miss XaXa on the experience, and whether the tri-tip is any good (plus photos!) will follow.

You'll have to forgive us. We're not used to being gushy, and we may well have burst a blood vessel or two. We must go take a little laudanum and lie down in a cork-lined, darkened room, and ponder whether this means that we'll have to stop calling her Josette Eber....


Anonymous said...

Forgive me for maybe being really dense, but what's with the "Josette Eber" reference, anyway? I don't get it, and Google was no help.

Love the blog regardless, though! :)

Charlus said...

Gentle Reader, it's not you, it's us. We got sucked into the blog-tv recap trap of giving the contestants nicknames, some of them apt, some less so. Some stuck, most didn't. We thought Mia looked like Jose Eber, the celebrity hairstylist from the 80s, who, like Mia, wore long hair and an almost identical straw cowboy hat, so that was that. If you keep scrolling down the blog posts, you'll find a picture of them side by side, to clear up the confusion. Thank you for your nice comment, and keep reading.

Ms. Place said...

Goodness, is dear old Jose Eber still alive? Was he not once Cher's hairdresser?

Oh, dear. I am dating myself.