Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Readers Throw Their Tinfoil Hats in the Hair, Shouting, "Huzzah!" as Marcel Vigneron Vindicates Them

From the Gothamist interview with Marcel Vigneron (which links to us as conspiracy theorists):

There are a lot of theories out there about the hair clipper incident, when the rest of the final five tried to shave your head one night.
Oh- the conspiracy theory about how Bravo decided to flip it and reverse it. There’s no conspiracy theory. They reversed the order of operations- that’s not how everything went down.

Their heads were shaved before they went after you?
It makes more sense that way, but that’s not how it went.

Wait- Did Ilan and Elia shave their heads after Cliff held you down?
They tried to shave my head first. Then they went and shaved theirs. That’s reality television for you.


a~nonny~mouse said...

So just when is Bravo going
to come clean about this?
The first change of the time
line and the second editing
Elia out of the frame?

Anonymous said...

First Elia confirms it. Now Marcel has confirmed the timeline flip.

That means Sam Talbot is a liar. He's still covering his ass.

It's time for Andy Asshat to fess up and come clean.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Marcel set the record straight. Him and Elia confirm Bravo edited the sequence. Obviously an ass-covering move for Elia, Sam and Ilan.

Asked point-blank, Elia admits the truth, but Sam is still lying his ass off. Let's see if Ilan comes clean too...

Bravo better address this. It's not a "conspriacy" - two chefs have disputed their editing's version of events.

Anonymous said...

"Bravo better address this. It's not a "conspriacy" - two chefs have disputed their editing's version of events."

What does Bravo care? Their show is still a hit, and the people fretting over all of this in TC blogs are presumably still watching, right?