Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Reminds You to Think Pink

Pink Navy, that is.

There is fresh material every day on our even more frivolous new blog (if such a thing is possible) whorishly devoted to Top Design and other matters of taste, a blog that, in defiance of Top Design judge Margaret Russell, was designed around the cat and the catty.

If you feel like taking a little sea air, or just want to hang around a bunch of epigrammatic, drunken sailors, come have a look. We'll never shout, "Man overboard," but you will definitely encounter many a "Man over the top."


PeachPie said...

Before I forget, I want to tell you thank you for your blog over the course of the TC season.

Witty, acerbic, insightful and always funny.


hughman said...

i'm dancing as fast as i can!!!