Friday, January 05, 2007

Craft on a Plate: SOS with Tom Colicchio

Our blog-amie Dana, at's The Knife (kudos on the L.A. Times article), brings us an interesting tidbit about the growth of the Colicchio Empire:

[T]he much-vaunted scheduled to open at the [new Century Plaza Towers building housing powerhouse agent-hive Creative Artists Agency] in April. (Translated: mid-summer.)

Everything, but everything, is a la carte at Craft, which is owned by Tom “Top Chef” Colicchio. Restauranteurs have another name for people who deconstruct their food -- SOS, for Sauce on the Side.
For example, Wild Striped Bass + Soft Polenta + Greenmarket Onions + Roasted Golden Chanterelle = a $69 entree. SOS, indeed.

And Wednesday's New York Times article about music played at restaurants had a Colicchio mention as well:
Many restaurateurs try to avoid [customer] complaints [about the music played at restaurants] by seeking professional help. Food service establishments make up “a significant portion” of the 400,000 locations into which Muzak pipes music, according to Karen Vigeland, a company spokeswoman. The bulk of those are quick-service places, but Muzak’s roster also includes more elite clients, like ’Wichcraft, the sandwich chain Tom Colicchio has an interest in....
So, Muzak and SOS...Rome was founded on less.


Ms. Place said...

Gracious me, is Tom a budding Trump in disguise?

My your blog is quiet, Charlus. There's a firestorm going on in the other two. Ilan and Sam are under siege, and the anony-mouses are running rampant. They haven't hit my blog either, thank goodness. It seems that Marcel is about to be sainted or knighted or both by John Q. Public.

Java Junkie said...

The collective anonymous does not know what to think of poor Marcel, do they, Ms. Place?

He's an enigma, wrapped up in a puzzle, wrapped up in a conundrum, wrapped up in foam...

LeighanneG said...

Jave, I think Marcel is "topped" with foam!;)

Anonymous said...

Marcel is just a shark jumper. He doesn't have any of the talent of Stephen but all the arrogance. I swear, he's gonna get the show cancelled faster than Ted McGinley ever could.