Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Crude and the Crudo: Tom Colicchio on "Today"

A soul-patched (to which we say, feh) Tom Colicchio appeared with noted eater Al Roker on this morning's Today show to make crudo (sans spicy popcorn; sorry, Sam), and to discuss, ever so briefly and lightly, the "wrestling" (Al's word) that went on in last week's episode.

Here, then, is our transcript of the 30 seconds or so it took for Tom 'n' Al to discuss this:

Tom Colicchio: Last episode, things got a little out of hand, and they were drinking quite a bit. They said they were going to shave their heads. They asked for a handheld camcorder, and they actually filmed themselves. There was no crew around, no production around at the time they did this, and it got a little out of hand. And Cliff kind of manhandled Sam there [sic]. As you can see, Cliff’s a much bigger guy.

Al Roker: Yeah. And you got a lot of email about this.

TC: We did. People were really upset, but you know, our feeling was that this happened--

AR: Right.

TC: This wasn’t …you know, how can you have two contestants show up with shaved heads and I mean they’re trying to look like us [pause for laughter that never really came], but shaved heads, and Cliff’s gone, and not explain this. So I think we had to show it, and some people were upset that it was kind of violent, but this happened.

You can watch the full video (and the crudo demonstration!) at


Anonymous said...

Do you guys also have a trasncript of Sam Talbot today on the M& J show??? I'd love to read the transcript.

It's been reported that Sam claimed on the M&J show that it was "all a lie".

Sam really downplayed "Clipper-gate". He said that "people are saying that Cliff was going to hold him down and I was going to shave his head---, but that was a lie". Maybe Marcel made it all up?

And in Sam's Bravo interview he said that they were worried that Marcel was going to assault them with a baseball bat. Maybe it was self-defense?

Sam said Marcel is really sneaky and annoying. he's been accusing people of cheating and instigating trouble.

I suspect there's a lot more to this story...

Anonymous said...

Sam is just trying to save himself because he is insecure and can't take responsibilty. How would Marcel get a baseball bat? Besides, he slept in the bathroom, obviously he was concern for his well-being.

Shame on you, Sam!

Ms. Place said...

Congrats, dahling Charlus. You've presented a straightforward unbiased report of Tom's interview on the Today Show.

Tom has been consistent in his evaluation of the last shameful episode. That bit of news that the t.v. crew was absent is news to me, and alters my opinion of Bravo's culpability in this episode.

Meanwhile, Miss Xa Xa is inching ever forward to the Hi-Life Cafe. Ah, what excitement! Speaking of which, can't wait until tonight's episode.

kbryna said...

how can the tv crew have been absent? there are a few shots of cliff filming ilan and elia shaving their who the hell was filming that?????

Anonymous said...

"how can the tv crew have been absent? there are a few shots of cliff filming ilan and elia shaving their who the hell was filming that?????"

Obviously the camera crew was filming. I really think everyone involved with this show is a complete moron, and further, thinks we're all as stupid as they are since they aren't even bothering with logical, realistic lies. AS IF the camera crew would randomly give the chefs a night off of filming...yeah right. This is a reality show, they film everything. All of this -- the re-editing, the weird lies that make no sense, the denial -- is spin control. And why? It's so silly. Unlike the Marcel fangirls (which, the fact that this little twerp has fangirls is awesome in and of itself...I bet they're Clay Aiken fans, too) that are acting like he was assraped on TV, I think this was just drunk people having a horrible lapse of judgement on national tv. It doesn't justify anything, but now they have been immortalized on TV looking like drunken fools, which seems like enough of a punishment to me. I wouldn't be anywhere near as annoyed with the whole thing if everyone involved weren't behaving like some huge cover-up were necessary. My god.

"Do you guys also have a trasncript of Sam Talbot today on the M& J show??? I'd love to read the transcript."

The only way there would be a transcript of some little "Wake Up, NYC" or whatever show would be if someone had watched and transcribed the whole thing themselves. Now come on, does anybody care enough about Sam to take the time to do that?? Probably not, sorry.

Anonymous said...

"that are acting like he was assraped on TV"

Um, you mean he wasn't?

If you stick a skirt on Marcel, he'd be Jodie Foster in "The Accused".

It was a sexually-motivated homophobic attack. Ilan was making a porn film.

egyptchick7 said...

Holla! Amuse-Biatch was mentioned by Andy on the crappy " Watch What Happens" segment. In particular reference to the "marcel-gate, elia-hair on conspiracy". Andy cleared up nothing and just said plainly that nothing is editied out of place to change order of events blah blah. Congrats on the Shout out...I am still reeling over the general public's hatred of Marcel ( I guess the public are not these bloggers and commenters as the majority) and I am sooo upset of Sam winning a fan favorite. Sorry to post on this thread but there was no other place to do it.

Anonymous said...

HUZZAH!! Tom came through! he bounced that greasy lying two-faced bitch off the show. Good riddance, Sam! You are THAT GUY, and now you won;t go to the finals! BWAHAHAHA!!

Tom totally manipulated Sam's boot. Sam's the clever instigator, shit-disturber, the string puller. And Tom saw through him completely and made sure he got cut.

Good for Tom - for the integrity of the show and the "Top Chef" title and the reputations of Top Chefs everywhere.


He will be avenged. Sam, Elia and Ilan will choke on their own bile.

Wardo said...

The more I see "Chef Tom" the more he reminds me of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies.

kbryna said...

what the HELL was with that hokey hawaiian blessing? it was look: LOOK, AN EXOTIC MYSTICAL CULTURE! OOOOOH! WE ARE SO SPIRITUAL AND MEANINGFUL!

christ. it was like a bad tourism film for new age flakes.

and you could knock me over with that peacock feather as well - marcel?? and ilan???? in the FINALE????

did not see that coming.

Anonymous said...


Now we know why Sam's been such a whining, pissy, little bitch in his interviews.

Anonymous said...

"how can the tv crew have been absent? there are a few shots of cliff filming ilan and elia shaving their who the hell was filming that?????"

Cliff was filming that. It's called a mirror, guy.