Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Little Suckers Get Octopissy: Padma Lakshmi Damned with Faint Praise, Fainter Lipstick

Sometimes we don't have to do a thing.

With thanks to the helpful readers who brought this to our attention, here is a delightful amuse-bouche from New York Magazine for tonight's episode:

So Hot She’s Flammable
Host roasted by top chefs.
By Jada Yuan

Padma Lakshmi, the ex-model married to Salman Rushdie and host of Bravo’s Top Chef, isn’t getting much respect from the show’s contestants, five of whom hail from New York. Asked if he trusted Lakshmi’s culinary taste, Ilan Hall, a line cook at Casa Mono, asked a Bravo flack, “Um, are we allowed to say disparaging things about Padma?” No. “She’s beautiful,” Hall offered. “Mostly, she just explained things, and she did a good job at that.” Cliff Crooks, executive chef at Salute!, said, “Nothing she said really made a difference in my cooking.” Sam Talbot, former executive chef at Punch, said, “Next question.” He also noted that she seemed intent on stepping out of her famous husband’s shadow. “She never wanted to talk about him. I remember a time she got a phone call and she yelled, ‘You can ask me any question you want, but don’t bring up my husband!’” And then there’s the matter of her stomach-baring, kitchen-unfriendly attire. “Some of the things she wore, I wouldn’t suggest anyone wear around a working kitchen,” said Crooks. “Either she’d be a fire hazard or she’d get hurt.”

And we're supposed to be the bitchy ones?


Jon said...

She is still hot. Who cares? She was hired to be the host for one reason and one reason only.

kbryna said...

at first i liked her but she has really gotten on my nerves. i KNOW she's there as eye candy but really - it is kind of icky even to have a hot sexy tummy hanging out around food prep areas.

and INNNNterrresting that ilan has unkind words for her.

what will happen tonight???????