Friday, February 02, 2007

Amuse-Biatch Looks Back More in Sorrow Than in Anger, and Weeps for All That Might Have Been

We were struck by several things in this photo, but first among them was this thought: Do you realize that this is the most animated we have ever seen Katie Lee Joel? It suggests delicious possibilities.

(Miss XaXa's first reaction was, "It's all a lie. Tyra Banks doesn't look like she's gained any weight.")

So what could have made the difference? Whom or what can we credit as Katie Lee Joel's Re-Animator? (Triangular little blue pills don't count.)

Let's see. She's holding a glass of what appears to be champagne, but booze was plentiful throughout the first season of Top Chef, so that couldn't be it. And the Gail Simmons allure of gimlet-eyed dominatrix with large bazooms and a McGill degree is the same as it ever was, so that couldn't be it. So what's different about this picture?

If you hesitantly said, "Um, the big black drag queen in red pleather on the right?" you are correct. Ding ding ding ding.

Now, if standing next to RuPaul made Katie Lee Joel this animated, think of what RuPaul could do for Padma Lakshmi. No matter how much Padma toqued up, RuPaul would set her straight, jolt her awake, guide her, dress her, Henry-Higgins her accent a little, and teach her how to walk in heels.

There are some who have petitioned to have Ted Allen as a mentor next season, and to this we would like to add a petition of our own:


Petition signing begins in the "Comments" section below.


Anonymous said...

But can RuPaul suck all of the botox out of Padma's laugh-lines? And make her forehead move?

If so, than she has my vote.

Java Junkie said...

Sign me up, Charlus! I would die to hear RuPaul utter the words "Oh snap, girl - you are not wearing that...!!"

hughman said...


Grillboy said...

Maybe those 2 can soften up marcel a bit too on a "consulting basis"

Jullesdelight said...

Sign me up!