Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cheftestant Sara Nguyen Attacked by Angry Tam-o’-Shanters!

Well, at least according to the translator who renders Carlos Fernandez's blog into Spanish for Yahoo! Telemundo.

We're beginning to suspect that the Spanish translation of Carlos' blog is being done as a collaboration between Google Translator and Thomas Bowdler.

As regards Sara and the Tam-o'-Shanters (not a bad name for a band, Miss XaXa points out), Carlos' original text reads, "Oh, those raging Scotch Bonnets. They look so cute, but ouch." The Spanish reads, "Ay esas rabiosas gorras escocesas se ven tan monas, pero ¡ay!" The translator apparently doesn't know that Scotch bonnets are chile peppers (the Spanish equivalent would be "chiles habaneros"), and has translated the term literally. Thus, to a Spanish-speaker, the sentence seems like a tag line for the remake of Brigadoon as a horror film. Beware the rage of the tam-o'-shanter!

And while we're at it, since when are "webisode" and "wrap" (as in "wraps de lechuga") Spanish words? And, of course, there are spelling mistakes (and FYI, blood orange is supposed to be translated as "naranja sanguina," not just "naranja"; an orange and a blood orange are not the same thing).

Perhaps most annoying of all is the bowdlerization. The translator (presumably) has edited the blog to remove even Carlos' mild attempts at ribaldry, and has excised all mention of Carlos' husband Chuck and their Monday evening outings. Do they not want people to know Carlos is naughty and gay? Chica, puhleeze!

Somebody get our Chulo Chef a better translator, pronto.

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Anonymous said...

OH MY! That is too funny! So by way of the translation, it would appear that Carlos is stating that the tartan plaid caps are "raging?"

Jeez does he ever need a new translator. And what's up with deleting mention of his partner Chuck? Not right Telemundo........