Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Baby (Got) Back

Possums, we were unexpectedly called away on a business trip, and so were unable to blog about last week's episode.

And yet, having seen the episode, we can't say we missed much. We offer a little "chea" and sympathy to Camille, who, like her literary namesake, was killed by consumption--of her cake by the judges. Now we'll never have a chance to discuss her eyebrows. But we did admire how well she took the news at Judges' Table; studying with a 100-year-old Zen master will do wonders for one's composure.

As for composure, Casey "Junior Missy" Thompson threw a major hissy following the immunity curse. Darlin', those tears were moving but not really worthy of Miss Sweet Potato.

We did decide that we want to live with Dale in a pineapple under the sea, now that he is turning out, after much prayer and handwringing on our part, to be a halfway decent Gay Villain, versatile and willing to fall on a big sword. ("Pineapple upside down cock?" queries Miss XaXa. Along those lines, she has a confidential message to Hung: "Creamy goes good [sic] with sweet, but it also goes good with salty.")

But really, though we're loath to confess it, we're bored with this season. Not that we want Marcel and Ilan back, but surely there's a happy medium between misdemeanor assault and inducing narcolepsy?

At any rate, we're back and looking forward to tonight's telenovela-flavored episode. In true Telemundo style, there'd better be hair-pulling, eye-rolling, and illegitimate children.


corpusmaximus said...

I am SO glad I am not the only one suffering from Top Chef-induced narcolepsy this season. This crop of cheftestants was obviously plucked from the oven undercooked (and perhaps even a little undercocked...but I guess only Miss XaXa would know that for sure.)

I am so bored this season I am having trouble remembering any of their names. I have to slap myself to make my fingers press the "On" button when it's time for Top Chef now, as compared to the first season, when I was sitting in front of the TV with my ice-cold Coca-Cola and buttered popcorn two hours ahead, just to make sure I didn't miss one single nanosecond.

And God Help Us, NO! I don't want a replay of the hideous confrontations of the second season, but believe, as do you apparently, that there has to be a happy medium somewhere between The Land of Nod and The Land of Id.

Miss XaXa said...

"and perhaps even a little undercocked...but I guess only Miss XaXa would know that for sure.

...only her hairdresser knows for sure! ;)

trixie said...

Is this a hint that you are looking for a new hobby? That Man Ray photo is one of my favorites. Welcome back.

The Big Shamu said...

Thank goodness you are BACK!