Sunday, July 08, 2007

Clay Bowen's Sufferin' Succotash

Possums, we are pleased to report Clay Bowen did not pull a Bernard Loiseau, and is alive and well in Santa Barbara, providing his recipe for succotash to accompany "his unusual take on surf and turf" (o irony!). (Not that we're morbid, but we've had three episodes and two dead fathers being invoked. What next?)

In other news, Ilan Hall narrowly avoided being struck by lightning after writing on his Bravo blog that Hung Huynh "needs to be a little bit more respectful of his surroundings, his fellow competitors, and the food products. You don't just throw live animals on the ground and leave them there. No matter what, you're in a kitchen."


hughman said...

oh i'm sure Hung relates to being a small fish in a small pond. better to die writhing on the floor in a gasping frenzy than to be grilled in a hot pan with bigger fish. two snap peas and a shattered ego from being the only one standing alone at last call.

rob said...

On the ground, it's a "live animal," but once it's in the bowl, it's just "protein." All that's missing is to name it Little Jessica so we can start the 24-hour news coverage.

Theresa said...

They gave Ilan a blog? Ick. I read the blogs every week, and didn't even know! I went and read his - page after page of "Our season had it SO HARD! Pity us!"