Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Are Casey Thompson's Beaver Boots Made for Walkin'?

Oh, possums, we keep saying we've got something for you, something we call love, but now we're ready to confess.

We're doing this post because we have a nagging feeling that "Junior Missy" Casey Thompson, who keeps crying when she oughta be cooking and losin' when she oughta not bet, may just be getting knifed today, and before she goes, we simply must find out what the hell "Beaver Boots" are.

(Actually, we're afraid we know exactly what they are; we just want to be persuaded otherwise.) Of course, now we can't get that Nancy Sinatra song out of our head.

Sure, we're a little surprised that Casey--who doesn't want her staff at the Shinsei restaurant in Texas to see her all purtied up and wearing make-up (and given how much lipstick she wore during that Roach Coach challenge, we can't say we blame her; emulating Jennifer Aniston is decidedly not the way to go) because she wants their respect--would appear on her MySpace page with the moniker "Beaver BOOTS" and a photograph marked ""

Even Miss XaXa, who, like Casey, hails from Texas, has never heard of Beaver Boots before--at least not the kind you wear--so we are at a loss as to whether it's some kind of obscure regional slang for something entirely innocent, like a type of brownie you make for a bake sale at a Methodist church. They've got those in Texas, right?

So, possums, we turn to you, the collective brains of this operation, because what you know, we ain't had time to learn. So tell us, if you can, just what these Beaver Boots are, before it's too late. Possum Boots, start talkin'.


The Big Shamu said...

I have no clue what beaver boots are in Casey's world but check out the background woman. I can only wonder at what she finds so jaw-dropping.

Java Junkie said...

One can only hope they're not for wading...

Anonymous said... is a DJ group that spins records at a lot of parties in Dallas (hence, the 12 inches for dirty-minded folks who were thinking something else).

ArtfulSub said...

"Beaver Boots" is the opening line of a really tacky bar-song sing-a-long. I think Rodney Carrington may have written it.

WordNerd said...

Well, I've learned a few things today. Beaver Boots, 12inchpimps (which I had never heard of even though I'm from Dallas), and that Casey should never dye her hair blonde. Did you see her myspace photos?