Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Meatballs of Steel: Rocco DiSpirito Thinks Fish DO Need Bicycles

Possums, no matter what Rocco DiSpirito hints at in his Bertolli television ads--that he's tired of hanging around complete blanks--recent actions seem to suggest otherwise.

To wit, take a look at this little morsel from New York magazine, which consists of an interview with bike-riding fashion models Ciara Christensen and Le Call (though, as the interview makes clear, Le Call Girl would not be so far off the mark).

Nice bikes.
LE: This guy we don’t even know just gave them to us!

LE: We made this dinner for, like, twelve people, and this guy we don’t even know came. He’s a chef, and he’s on TV. His name is Rocco. Anyway, he was asking us what we were going to do the next day, and we said, “Rent bikes.” He said, “Oh, that’s so sad,” and the next day, he came over with these bikes!

As a gift?
LE: Yeah. I wish I could say it’s an unusual situation, but stuff like that happens not infrequently.

CIARA: We don’t usually get gifts like that! We mostly get offered trips, because they want to have girls around.

LE: Last weekend, we went to Croatia. We went to Sardinia the weekend before that. We went to the Bahamas six or seven times this winter. But the bike is a first. It’s cute, you know? Not presumptuous or lech-y.

Did you thank him?
LE: We exchanged texts. We said we’d take him out to dinner, but I don’t know.

"Cute"? "Not presumptuous"? "This guy we don't even know"? Ouch!

To be condescended to by flipflop-wearing, glorified tarts with no tits must be more painful than being bitchslapped by Anthony Bourdain.

"It's rank ingratitude," said Miss XaXa. "There's two of them, so I'm sure all he wanted was a triathlon. Isn't that how he lost the weight?"

"No, darling, you're thinking of a ménage à trois. It's athletic, to be sure, but not quite the same thing."


Anonymous said...

These two are not even hot, or pretty.
He should've just picked up some hookers, and saved himself the embarrassment.
Now he looks desperate.
Honestly Rocco. You're forty, it might be time to grow up and find a woman your own age, who is not a fame seeking whore.

ksmjc said...

Ive known Ciara since she was a little girl. She's a nice kid, done well for herself and worked hard. For some idiot to be presumptious enough to run his mouth about someone he doesn't even know, or know about for that matter, shows how high his IQ isnt, that goes for the other idiot blogger as well.