Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Albertine Has Her Copy; Do You?

We obtained the following quote from Amuse-Biatch mascot Albertine regarding Design Flaws of the Human Condition, the debut of our novelist friend, Paul Schmidtberger, "It's both funny and philosophical, kind of like the way that cats can't work can-openers..."

Of the reviewer herself, Paul says, "Albertine used to talk at cocktail parties about reading Proust, but stopped when she realized that people found it standoffish. Then she started again when she remembered that she didn't care what people thought."

It's positively ingenious how pets and their owners come to resemble each other.

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kenito799 said...

These posts make me swoon. Please tell me Pink Navy will be relaunched to swab the decks of Timm Gunn's Guide to Style?