Sunday, September 23, 2007

Padma Lakshmi: I Dress Like a 15-Year-Old!

Well, Padma, possum, you'll get no argument from us.

Talking to The New York Times, Padma admitted, “I’ve basically dressed the same since I was 15. My hemlines are a little longer now, and my budget is a little bigger.”

Remembering her hemlines last season (especially on those infamous black shorts), we can only speculate as to how much shorter they were when she was 15.

And yeehaw! Apparently, her favorite hat is a Stetson, which ought to have the mechanical bulls lining up to be ridden. But Padma actually appears to think less of urban cowboys than of patriots, dressing up, as she does, as Uncle Sam the Drag King in “a 1970s, baby-blue, pinstriped Pierre Cardin men’s suit...[worn] with a red and white necktie and a Stetson hat.”

Finally, she's glad to be filming Season 4 in Chicago, not known for its balmy Octobers, because “because I’ve run through my summer wardrobe. Now you’ll start seeing a lot of fall pieces.” You heard it first, possums. Next season, all you het boys and Sapphic sisters will get Padma the Sweater Girl.


Ms. Place said...

Padma's wearing my grandma's gray wool skirt from 1954. It must be full of moth holes by now.

Anonymous said...

I think the outfit's kind of cute, but then I'd much rather see Grandma than Cher. (Also I have a tiny taste for the clothing of 1954. Forgive me.)

Anonymous said...

"Now you'll get to see fall pieces"

Oh goody. Can't wait to see what that'll be.

I love the 50's, too. But I won't be holding my breath thinking Padma will show up looking like Grace Kelly.