Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pinking Shears in Pink Navy's Future

You might as well know the truth, possums--we're throwing our pink sailor hat into the ring.

A combination of overweening ego on our part and the pleas of a few hardy masochist possums has led to our decision to cover Project Rip Van Winkle, er, Runway, when and if it ever does premiere.

Give us a few days to get our bearings, dust off our Jean-Paul Gaultier sailor uniforms, and plug the leaks that HMS Pink Navy sprang when hitting the Top Design iceberg, and then we'll be glad to welcome you aboard.

As for Possum Central, it will remain open, though we won't post daily. Rather, we'll post as the biatchy spirit moves us, and whenever there is news (so send us stuff), or when we worry about the haunted, Kierkegaardian look in Rachael Ray's over-raccooned eyes.

Thank you, army of possums, for a great season, and for being a bunch of literate, over-educated, snarky, dirty-minded, obsessive, pun-hungry, delightful souls.


hughman said...


i have a feeling this season of PR will be particularly good due to the high credentials and the over the top gay quotient.

Anonymous said...

how can one be over-educated? is there a right amount to be educated?

cb said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! i miss Pink Navy!

i wish there was a cafepress shop where i could buy a Pink Navy tshirt.

Anonymous said...

And thank you right back for providing a wonderful blog.

See you in Pink, darlings.

velocibadgergirl said...

Fantastic news.

Java Junkie said...

We can't wait!!!!


The Gals

Margo said...

The Top Chef Reunion Show should have paid you for providing them ideas on what to cover since they stole yours from the blog. Come on, the whole being Casey's best friend gets you it here first! Howie and Joey and the torrid love it here first! Look forward to your Project Runway blog! Thanks to you, I also stopped by the Whole Foods in Chicago when I was there for the marathon and luckily was there at the right time. Got to see Top Chef Chicago in action! It's a great store and, an added bonus, is the butcher with the gorgeous blue eyes!

Anonymous said...

A little late, but just listened to your interview at Chow.

Really, really loved it!

Anonymous said...

"Thank you, army of possums, for a great season, and for being a bunch of literate, over-educated, snarky, dirty-minded, obsessive, pun-hungry, delightful souls."

Ah, I wish that actually did describe me. Compared to our hosts, I'm often embarrassed to post in fear of my less than stellar command of the English language. But I do learn from you, dear Charlus and Ms. XaXa.

Does it help that I can claim at least two of the above labels? Obsessive and dirty-minded coins it. : )

Can't wait for Pink Navy!!

Marius said...

I'm a proud member of your army of Possums, and let me add my voice to the choir: This is fantastic news! I can't wait to see your reaction to the new season of PR. Give 'em hell, Charlus & Miss Xaxa. Give 'em hell.

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

You two blogging Project Runway now that is just delightful.

You made it a great season with all your humor and scoops!

Ms. Place said...

Dahlings, so glad you'll be snarking PR along with lil ol' fashion clueless me. It should be fun, no?