Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Spoiler Alert!

Take heed West Coast possums! Spoiler ahead!


hughman said...

hung is a good cook. i'll give him that. who would i want to work with in a kitchen as a chef? eh. i'll still stick to dale. he's funny, adorable and has an excitement about cooking that is far more appealling than hung's cut and dry methods. in the big picture (chef vs. cook), i think dale was robbed. from what bravo (sparringly) showed us, dale was a much better "chef". i can see dale having a top chef cooking blog. hung, not so much.

george said...

robbed? were we watching the same show? you can take dale because nothing i saw convinced me he was anywhere nearly as proficient or dedicated a chef as hung. i actually think hung would make an excellent commentator because he is clearly far more informed and educated about food than anyone else on the show. and i personally found his cattiness (especially in the last few episodes) incredibly grating. folks complain about hung's personality but i'd rather work for him knowing pretty well up front what his expectations are rather than someone i'd worry was talking shit about me behind my back--or sniping at me because i wasn't going to cover up for his deficiencies.

rooroob said...

East Coast girl wants dibs on the sexy car that will take me to eat Hung's food wherever he's going to be cooking next.

'Cause I can drive a stick.