Monday, March 10, 2008

The Importance of Not Being Earnest: A Farewell to Snark

Possums, we shall not look upon her like again. She has packed her knives and gone.

We could hardly believe our eyes when we read the
announcement: The Great Keckler, whose recaps and ceramic-knife wit were legendary, and who coined the term "cheftestant," will not be recapping the new season of Top Chef for Television Without Pity.

Mes enfants, the general has left the Top Chef field. We will soldier on, of course, but the battle simply won't be the same without General Keckler, and she will be sorely missed.

"You make it sound like she's dead," said Miss XaXa.

No, no, no. She's simply gone to a better place, that's all. Namely, Jericho, which she will continue to recap for TWOP. So get on over there to continue reading her work. And remember, though she unfortunately doesn't get royalties, every time someone uses the word "cheftestant," a sous-chef gets her toque.

Thanks for the memories, K.


Anonymous said...

Thank god. Keckler's recaps were incredibly obnoxious, with her constant corrections of even the most minor errors by the contestants and her non-stop interjections of what she would have done with a certain challenge. Monday morning quarterbacking at its worst -- good riddance!

J. Bo said...

Why are you here, "anonymous"? Shouldn't you be keeping yourself busy over on the Rachael Ray boards?

Keckler will be missed by those who value wit, competence, and knowledgeable commentary.

(TWoP sure as hell ain't what it used to be...)