Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Padma Lakshmi Admires Colicchio’s Technical Skills, Enjoys the Taste of His “Huevos” in the Morning; Colicchio, for His Part, Likes His Pepper Peeled

That, at least, is what we gleaned, possums, from the following exchanges in that now notorious “sandwich” interview:

What one dish do you think says the most about a chef?
Tom Colicchio: So - go ahead Padma.

Padma Lakshmi: I don’t think grilled cheese is that difficult to make nor do I think eggs are very difficult to make. But I do think the way you make eggs in the morning shows a lot about your technical skills. Tom makes really great eggs, by the way.
So what are your food pet peeves? Everyone has one. What’s the one thing that just really - you just can’t deal with on a plate?

Padma Lakshmi: Tom doesn’t like skins on bell pepper.

“Well, well,” said Miss XaXa, “she certainly knows an awful lot about Tom, doesn’t she? Which came first, the kissin’ or the eggs? And do you think she likes them runny or sunny-side up?”

“Now, now,” we tut-tutted. “Colicchio is a married man. And as for Padma, Page Six says she’s dating billionaire Adam Dell, brother of Steve Dell, as in—”

“Dude, she’s gettin’ a Dell!”


We do have questions for the photographer-semioticians at Bravo, though. Could you pack any more phallic and other symbols into that publicity still? The tie at attention is a particularly nice touch. We get it—the whirlwind that is Padma knocks Tom off his feet, ruffles his nonexistent hair, and stirs and stiffens his necktie into a 45-degree angle. And who could blame him?


Justin D said...

My favorite moment from that article:

Padma Lakshmi: ...people want to know all about Tom, all the women ask me all about Tom.

Tom Colicchio: Well I get the same from women, too - no from men.

Padma Lakshmi: From women and men.

Also from bears, right Padma?

hughman said...

that pic of padma and tom... exactly how tall IS he?

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