Friday, April 18, 2008

Hands Up, Pencils Down: Self-Avowed “Metrosexual” Has a Spell

Possums, we might as well tell you. There's a plethora of Ryan Scott posts on the way. After our recent unexpected and unwanted hiatus, we've a lot of pent-up blogging urges, but also, we won't have Ryan around anymore after this week, so we're going to get it all out of our system now. Alors, brace yourselves.

At any rate, one of the (many, many) things we've wondered about Ryan as we watched him with repulsion, fascination and glee is why he always sported a pencil behind his ear. Did he think it made him look rakish? Was it a secret code, like green on Thursdays? Why not wear leeks, like the Welsh? Miss XaXa surmised that it might be so as to be able to slip his phone number to other non-"sports fans."

But on Wednesday's episode we saw him using it, as the editors gave us a quick glimpse of the list on which he tried to keep track of the “five-course meal with dessert, pastry, mignardise, mint on your pillow” that was to prove his downfall. Yet another instance of Bravo editors giving another small twist to the knife. One gets the sense that he really endeared himself to all and sundry.

And wouldn't you know it, poor old Ryan couldn't even spell, unless it was a Freudian slip. "Hot Coco," possum, as you ought to know from living in San Francisco, is more likely to be a drag queen's name. Or Ice-T's wife.

"And what's the difference?" queried Miss XaXa.

Well, we had to admit she had us there.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't until this ep that I realized it was a pen, and not a cigarette. Personally, I thought it made him look like Snake from "The Simpsons." Plus, if you factor in the quasi-Cali-boy speak, the facial hair, and the permanent smarmy/jack-ass-y sneer, Scott really *does* resemble Snake. Perhaps an Amuse-Biatch photo-essay is in order? Something along the lines of "Art Imitating Life While Creating Edible Art (or while unsuccessfully attempting to create edible art, anyway)" or "Separated At Birth?" I have no doubt that you will think of a title far more witty than any I can hope to come up with.

hughman said...

i have never seen anyone hold a writing instrument that way when they write. he must get hand cramps from something.

badloi said...

wow..i can't write that way he does...hehhehe....i don't have a good

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adlai said...

very nice hand writing... he had a great penmanship...i also didn't notice that it was a pen..


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