Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Long-Winded, Dense Gnocco Doesn't Like Being Called Long-Winded or Dense, But Doesn't Mind Being Called Pretty

Rocco DiSpirito on Ryan Scott, from this season’s first episode: “It’s not just his gnocchi that were dense.”

Rocco DiSpirito on Ryan Scott from his Bravo blog: “Ryan and Valerie’s chicken piccata was up next. It took us a long time to judge this one -- not because the dishes were close, but because it was nearly impossible to get through to Ryan. He clearly didn’t know that chicken piccata is thin scallop of chicken that’s dipped in flour, then in egg, then sautéed and served with a lemon-butter sauce that sometimes has capers in it. He breaded his chicken, didn’t pound it thin, and didn’t serve it with a lemon-butter sauce -- but did serve it with awful gnocchi. (So other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?) We tried and tried to explain it to him. He was very defensive. Instead of trying to learn something from Tom, Anthony, and me, he made excuses and generally frustrated us. “Classically mashed potatoes and rice.” Wha?? I always told my cooks that it’s not the mistake that matters but what you do after you’ve made one to ensure it never happens again. There is nothing worse than a cook who is unwilling or unable to learn from his mistakes, and his gnocchi were a very dense mistake. So I said what I said. Sorry! I know it was a bit mean, but had you seen the entire exchange with Ryan you would have understood.”

Nikki Cascone, completely unedited, from last Wednesday’s episode: “Ryan is so long-winded. Have you ever been up there [Judges’ Table] with him? He, like, doesn’t shut up.”

From Ryan Scott’s interview with

Q. […]: When you watched the past few episodes I am sure you saw some things you didn’t know happened or heard things you didn’t know were said right? Did you catch Niki saying you talked too much or that you’re long winded?

A. […]: I sent her a text after I saw her say I was long winded, she said it was the power of editing and she didn’t mean it that way. I didn’t like the remark made by chef Rocco Dispirito on the first episode either. It’s also cool to see what the judges had to say about us since we don’t get to see that part during the shows production.

Q. […]: Would you do it again?
A. […]: Yes, you always need a pretty boy on these shows. (Laughing)


mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

Pretty limp.

Anonymous said...

He's pretty if you like the Jeff Goldblum type. I don't.