Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One Less ‘Bian: Boi Goes Home to Zoi

Jennifer Biesty seems to be a good cook, but as she herself admitted at the beginning of tonight's episode, she was quite often in the middle of the pack. Still, as Gail Simmons says on her Bravo blog, "I have to admit that watching the ending I did not feel it was totally clear why Jennifer was sent home instead of Stephanie." It may just be the fact that Stephanie Izard has been in the top three so often, and has won on a couple of occasions; she's a winner, she just couldn't be sent home. (We still say she's in the final four.)

At any rate, possums, we are now down to one out lesbian, Lisa Fernandes, and two honoraries, Richard and Stephanie, but if one thing is certain, it's that Lisa is not going out without a fight and a string of beeps.

(And yes, perhaps Jen is not totally a boi, but the headline was just too hard to resist. )


SGLC said...

This season the lesbians are going down one after another.

Anonymous said...

Personally I thought the choice was crap. Antonia or Lisa should have been sent home for completely ignoring the challenge.
"Polish sausage"=fish. "Drunken"=tequilla shot for chefs. WTF?!

Anonymous said...

Antonia should have gone home. She's been on the chopping block multiple times now and that's the second time that she used something other than what she was supposed to for an ingrediant.

grumpy said...

histrogeek, you are SO right. What was supposed to be a competition (with rules, peeps!) has degenerated into a farce. I have a pretty good idea of what sea bass would taste like with chorizo versus with Polish sausage. Antonia and Lisa gained a huge advantage by not incorporating the required Polish. One of their asses should have been shown the door. For more thoughts, see

Anonymous said...

Antonia or Lisa should have gone home based on the fact that they did not use the main ingredient in their dish. But in the end the judges went with flavor and the asparagus was their least favorite, so they had to pick from that team.

They asked who was most responsible for the dish and Jen said she did the toast and asparagus, Stephanie did the sauce and the knifework. The toast was their least favorite part of their least favorite dish, so I guess they based it on that, even though she seemed overall more talented than the other team.

MissusDe said...

As soon as Padma asked who was responsible for different elements of the dish, and Jen said she had prepared the bread and the cheese, I knew she was a goner. Those were the two main reasons that the dish was deemed the least favorite...I guess Gail missed that part.