Thursday, June 05, 2008

“Commando-in-Chief” Tom Colicchio Mentions Antonia’s Ouster and Other Unmentionables

Tom Colicchio on Antonia Lofaso’s ouster: The decision was unanimous, “she just choked,” “it was telling…very few people were around her table…”

Tom Colicchio on even more, er, pressing concerns: he does not wear thongs, but may go commando. He prefers boxers to briefs because “I don’t like things clinging to me.”

(“He needs roomy unmentionables?” asked Miss XaXa, her eyes widening with glee.)

Also, he “can’t deal with clingy girls.”

Duly noted, Chef.


hughman said...

i have to say. i kinda love gail simmons for this.

The Big Shamu said...

Love Gail always. And damned if Andy didn't steal my underwear question to Tom. You owe me Andy.

Anonymous said...

"Wouldn't that be funny Tom? If you *were* wearing a thong?" Geez Louise, Andy! Way to pander to the core audience!