Sunday, August 03, 2008

Padma’s Ex: Nobody Calls Me “Scruffy” Without Getting Sued!

Oh, possums, the unkempt fur is flying in England, and The Guardian has all the details.

Apparently, On Her Majesty's Service, a book by one of Salman Rushdie's ex-bodyguards and set to be published this week, claims that during the years that Padma Lakshmi's ex lived under police protection because of the fatwa issued against him by the Ayatollah Khomeini, the British "police nicknamed Rushdie [']Scruffy['] because of his unkempt appearance."

This allegation has made Rushdie's hair stand on end: "I had a lot of sympathy and understanding from the police. Our relationship was the exact opposite of what has been written. I never heard myself called by the name Scruffy in nine years."

Of course, the book discusses a lot more than Rushdie's grooming. In response, Padma's ex says, "[The ex-bodyguard] is portraying me as mean, nasty, tight-fisted, arrogant and extremely unpleasant. In my humble opinion I am none of those things."

And now, Rushdie is set to sue to prove that it ain't so. Ah, the beauty of British libel law.

(If you want to hear from Mr. Scruff, click the vid.)

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Buzz Kill said...

I'd like to think I'd look like that too if I were married to Padma. If only that beard could talk.