Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amuse-Biatch Photoessay: Who Winked It Best?

Sometimes, possums, they make our job so easy. Yes, indeed, not only did Floridian Jeff McInnis—born, we kid you not, in the town of Niceville—draw a Breck Girl target on himself with his magical comb, he also winked during the opening credits. Winked, possums, winked. Oh what fun we’re going to have with this swampwater Rapunzel!


Dorothy Snarker said...

This season is gonna rock. Doggonit, you betcha. Also.

TROLL said...

He might go far.

Fat Cat said...

The one I'm watching is Stefan. Apparently whoever taught him English is an American ex-pat who was a teen during the 60s. That's when some guys thought it was funny to call women, ack, I cannot even type it, the "d-b" word. He is heard in the previews to hurl that particularly nasty appellation at poor, rainbow-colored Jamie, who seems a completely innocuous soul to me. I cannot imagine what provocation led to that.

And as for Lauren, the second she declared, " I just know one of those coats has my name on it!" I knew they did not.

Off to a good start, Amuse-Biatch! BTW, I am a Photoshop wiz; if ever again you feel the need to put Tom-Bear on the Empire State building, just let me know and I'll make it happen. I gave Britney Spears a "Donut of Disapproval" on my blog last year, and placed it right where it needed to be to keep us from seeing her bits.

Anonymous said...

Stefan did not say Jamie is a DB. He sayed he doasn't want to look like a DB. People you should check it again. I did 4 times. ;-)