Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Previews: Of Ruthless Castoffs and Low Self-Esteem in Women of a Certain Age


Fat Cat said...

Speaking of low self-esteem in women, my aged eyes may have missed it, but in the opening to this year's show, they flash on photos of Harold, Ilan and Stephanie, but there appears to be no photo of Hung. Is it really in there but so fast you'd have to freeze frame the broadcast to find it, or is Hung's picture missing? If so, wonder why?

gracie-cat said...

I saw Hung - on the second clip-flash, as well as on the first episode clip-flash. Clip-flash? Clip-flash-back? What is the correct term?

For the record, I think Hung did deserve the win. Unlike Marcel, Hung actually had talent and legitimately deserved to have the title. It's easy to make a comparison between the two - however, when Hung won I thought "eh, ok" (even though I was disappointed - Casey was my girl, but she choked). If Marcel had won I would have written off the damn show - for real - but here I am, 2 some odd seasons later.

Still, this season lacks pizzaz. I'm gonna give 'em a few weeks.