Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amuse-Biatch Spelling Bee-atch: The Mistake That Wasn't

Loath though we are to admit it, possums, we are by no means infallible. We make mistakes aplenty. Fortunately, all the therapy has paid off, and we are able to acknowledge those errors.

As we have written about, last week’s episode was rife was spelling and other such mistakes. And so when we came across this—

—we said to ourselves, “Oh, another one. Poor guy! Look at how they mangled his name. Jawn?!?! Really?!?” Furthermore, his general demeanor and squeaky voice sent our gaydar to magenta-alert levels.

But we did a little checking, and possums, we were wrong. Jawn is, in fact, Jawn. As for the gay thing, it turns out he is married to renowned pastry chef Nicole Kaplan, with whom he has a couple of children.

And so, possums, we are suitably Chasteened.

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