Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cherchez la Femme: The Likely-Not-to-Be Mrs. Hosea Rosenberg After Watching the Last Few Episodes?


Anonymous said...

Shiksa alert!

Anonymous said...

Oy vey!

Vhat are you doin' Hosea? A Nice, Jewish Boy like you? Vis dis Shiksa? Vat? Leah Cohen vas not gudenuf for U? Vhat are you dinkin?!

Maybe, jus' maybe , 6 months on a kabutz will straighten youse out....

Anonymous said...

She should soooo dump him, shiksa or not!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok People, pick on Hosea about his food, im fine with that. Stay away from the friends and family. That is just plain rude. And you must be bitter urself to even worry.


Charlus said...


I'm not sure whether your comment is directed at us, or at the people who left comments on this post, but in the event it was meant for us, let me just say this. We did not make any comments about the contestants' spouses. If you will note, the headlines simply identify the person. Since last week's episode was about weddings, and since some of the contestants, including yourself, talked about their marriages, there was curiosity on the part of our readers to see what Gail's husband and the contestants' spouses looked like. We satisfied that curiosity using photographs that the contestants themselves provided to Bravo for posting on its website, which Bravo did. (We didn't post one of your ex-wife because you didn't provide one to Bravo, but if you email us one, we'd be happy to post it.)

As for the headline on this particular post, we included a question mark because we're not actually sure that this is the girlfriend that Hosea mentioned on the episode. The other part of the headline is a joke, made at Hosea's expense and not at the expense of the young woman, regarding the reaction everyone had to last week's episode. If Hosea has a girlfriend, and Leah has a boyfriend, then what are they doing canoodling on national television? (Indeed, it's a query shared by the other contestants; Danny called it gross, if memory serves, and Alex referred to Leah as "Ho' fo' Sho'").

We hope that clears up any misunderstanding. And seriously, the offer to post a picture of the former Frau Richter is very much on the table.

Anonymous said...

Guys i love the Blogs and i take it from you every week and i laugh for hours. it just goas under my skinn when people respond with bs. I have a pretty thick skin. I just tought, it was not so nice to pull his GF or whatever she is into it. And you want a pic of my Beautiful ex wife???. Ha ha not happening ;-. I have to much respect for her and i would like to keep it that way. Keep blogging. And i really love the blogs. Especially David Dust. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Hey guy - we love you too. I made one of the comments and I say I am sorry. I see you are very loyal to your friends and family.

In fairness, last week you called Hosea "Doucheboy" and also said "I don't give a $hit about these people" - but I believe that is just your competetive nature.

By the way - you are a fantastic chef, and I love watching you. I checked out your recipe for the chicken pot pie and it was very ingenious. How you guys can come up with something so quickly, shop for it, and prep it in so little time is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Why are people apologizing?

Stefan, you, Hosea, and all the other contestants voluntarily put yourselves up for public consumption. The comments on this blog (and others) are purely for shits and giggles. Who the hell are you to jump from blog to blog making comments, admonishing people, and looking for someone to tickle your balls?

Get a sense of humor or get off the Internet. Piss off!

Anonymous said...

this to the first comment after my response to charlus: Yes you are right it is about hosea, me and everybody else. And we have no problem with getting shit from you guys and i enjoy it. ;-)

To the second response: WHO AM I?? im the guy on the show you twat. Get a life and stop beeing rude. I can go to every blog and leave as many comments as i want and if you don't like it why don't you piss off. And yes im up for grabs and any other contestant is as well. But not the respective Partners or gf, wife etc etc. They are not up for grabs. That is the difference between respectful people and people like you. Enjoy the blogging and i love them to.

Merry Christmas or should i say Happy hannuka. YOU PICK ;-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They are soooooo so stoned in that top pic....who's this Stefan guy??? Is he a sous-chef in some celb. chef's restaurant?

BabyGaGa said...

Dude, Stefan is on the TC season 5 show , hello? what planet are you from??

Anonymous said...

As my father would say, "¡Que pendejo!" If the girl in the pic really is the gf, she is *so* much better looking than Leah. But then again, we have no idea what might be going on back home. Trouble in paradise with their respective SO's may be what's bringing Hosea and Leah closer together.

Anonymous said...

Stefan, learn proper English before attempting to lash someone - you contemptible little twat. You are taking narcissism to a new level.

Furthermore, I never said anything about Hosea's girlfriend, but I was more annoyed with you trying to "man up" in his stead. I seriously you are not trying to lobby for fan favorite, because that is not remotely in the cards for you.

BabyGaGa said...

RE: Stefan, learn proper English before attempting to lash someone

That is SO low .. Mr. Anonymous , - in fact, that's all I'll say, you dont even deserve my comment!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. Doas it look like im seeking fan favorite?? You tell me mr know it all. And to my english, wich i know it is not perfect but i do speak german, finnish, spanish, swedish and a few more languages to top it with. How many do you speak? Probably a poor english hence ur writing. So have a great Christmas and now chop chop back behind the desk ( cubical ). To everybody else i wish all you Bloggers a Beautiful time with your Family and Friends and MR cubical you to>

Anonymous said...

ohhh i forgot. My comment Douche boy to Hosea and I don't give a shit about these people. A nice Bottle Scotch on the rocks with a splash of water doas that ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Minut yllätetään teidän kukollanne, te voitte puhua suussanne.

Mir bin Sie überrascht, dass in der Lage seien Sie, mit Ihrem Hahn in Ihrem Mund zu sprechen.

JAG er överraskat du er köpa duktig samtal med din spänna hanen på i din mun.

Me le sorprenden que pueda hablar con su martillo en su boca.

Gli sono sorpreso che possa comunicare con il vostro rubinetto nella vostra bocca.

Ik ben verrast u kunnen met uw haan in uw mond spreken.

BabyGaGa said...

Ata betach lo mevin Ivrit, tered me haaetz she tipasta alav , ve tafsik li hiyot kaza SHMUCK

and the SHMUCK part you probably DO understand Mr. Berlitz

and Happy Holidays to you all :D


Anonymous said...

Stefan, learn proper English before attempting to lash someone...........I seriously you are not trying to lobby for fan favorite

Gud englesh their...I seriosly you.

What a ridiculous comment.

It is bad form to point out any gramer or speling erors on any blog...becawse we all mak them.


Come on. If you watched the show, you had to know the guy spoke at least 3 languages (Finnish, English, and Deutsch). It turns out he speaks at least 5, and probably can converse in several others. I lived in Germany for several years but never really mastered the language. My Italian is "restaurant Italian." I can friggen order, and I even screw that up. In Spanish, I can ask directions. Shame on me. Stefan is completely fluent in English. Again, have you watched the show?

As for the taunt that Stefan won't win "Fan Favorite" - another ridiculous comment. It is beyond laughable. He wasn't and isn't going for that - he is a chef first and foremost. The only one who said he wanted that title was Eugene, and I doubt he will get it. Fabio will probably get that title (although Fabio is obviously in the running for the finals as well). Last season, Stephanie won both Top Chef and fan favorite too.

Lee Anne Wong said the producers thought Stefan was "Reality TV gold" and they cast him as villian all the time, but I disagree. We already know the Bravo editors are masters at editing (and not always in an honest way).

I think we all need to calm down. I was the one who made the "Oy Vey" comment, and yes, I did apologize for it. I love Hosea, he seems like a very gentle man and he is obviously a great chef. I had a little fun ribbing him. Stefan asked to lay off the friends and family - and I thought "Ya know....he's probably right."

Even though the pics came from Bravo, these cheftestants don't have it that easy. Their lives have suddenly become an open book. I love this blog, and it is hilarious. Stefan said he doesn't mind taking it. I have seen him weigh in on other blogs, and he seems nothing if not a good sport.

Family.....friends.....they didn't sign up for the show.


Anyway, here is my finals pick:

- Jamie
- Stefan
- Fabio
- Hosea

Oh, and Bravo's producer said 2 people get kicked off next week.

Anonymous said...

wow! Yahoo’s "Babel Fish" translator has been getting an intense work out lately!

Anonymous said...

stefan's hot...STFU.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, keeping the flaming strictly to the contestants:

I don't know HOW that sweaty cyst with teeth managed to get a girl so pretty (and this applies to Leah too, not just the girl in the picture)!

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