Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Janice Muppet Survives to Wreak Havoc with Colicchio’s Digestive Tract and Awkward-White-Girl-Dance Another Day

Miss XaXa has reproached us, and she may well have a point, for comparing Melissa Harrison to Janice Muppet. According to Miss XaXa, Janice—though made of cloth and pulled with strings and sticks—had infinitely more rhythm than Melissa. It’s difficult to argue with that. Her dance at the Foo Fighters concert on the Thanksgiving episode is habañero-seared into our consciousness as the Ur Dance of the Awkward White Girl. Sadly for her, the truth is that, apart from giving numbingly spicy food to a head judge who “can’t digest spicy food,” that dance was her most memorable action to date. Will we be lucky enough to get more of her terpsichorean stylings?

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