Friday, January 09, 2009

From the Depths of the Savanna, a Message to the Possums

We ought to have known, of course, sensing, as we did, a disturbance in the Force. Still, we didn’t fully understand the state of things until we heard Miss XaXa’s dulcet but Vincent-Price-ominous tones (or is it C. Aubrey Smith filtered through Texas bonhomie?) warning us, “The possums are getting restless.”

Possums, possums, possums, you ought to know by now that we live only to saunter onto the reality-tv savanna in order to bring down the sick and the lame for you to feast on. Given our less than wholesome psyche, it makes us happy in a way that few things can, and it displeases us to no end to have to disappoint you.

But as we all know, possums, no one, not even us, can afford to take gainful employment for granted In These Troubled Times. We have been travelling for work all week in regions where the pink-particled beam of Bravo’s signal doth not penetrate, and have consequently not yet seen this week’s episode. But we are set to return to the realm of the Bravo-accoutered cable box this weekend, and will watch the episode forthwith and bring you its bloodied carcass. It’s a promise, possums, from our heartless hearts.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post! I look forward to the recap.

Anonymous said...

I certainly understand the press of real work, but it seems like ya'll (bit of Texas bonhomie here) have abandoned the blog.

There's barely any writing any more, and I miss your writing desperately. Just posting a pic, well, t'aint the same.

Anonymous said...

Please come back soon, we all miss your awesome posts!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do agree with 6:33 and the same thing happened with Pink Navy. If you need a sabbatical, just take it. And don't waste everyone's time - because when you have concent it's spot on hysterical and a pleasure. But when we keep checking for new stuff anf there's nothing, nothing, nothing, lame my dog ate my homework excuse, nothing, nothing...well, the natives get restless.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both 6:33 and 9:44.. its getting frustrating :( we miss your writing and look forward to new stuff phhlzzzz

Anonymous said...


"And don't waste everyone's time... "

So sorry he's wasted your wasted time. And being that you "keep checking for new stuff", it's clear that your time is among our most precious and endangered resources.

No, no, I suppose you're right. Now that I think of it, my ass really chaps when I think of what other frivolous crap I could have done with those seconds I would have saved by not clicking on that bookmark.