Thursday, January 15, 2009

To the Finland Station: Right-Wing Website Goes After Pinko Commie Stefan Richter for Fashion Choice, Tobacco Use

NewsBusters, a website dedicated to, um, “documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias,” is seeing red after last night’s episode, in which Stefan Richter, the Hannibal Lecter de nos reality-tv jours,

"could be seen wearing a red T-shirt with a gold hammer & sickle -- the emblem of Soviet totalitarianism which oppressed hundreds of millions and murdered tens of millions -- inside a gold-outlined Red Army star, matching the colors and symbols on the Soviet flag. In the scene on the NBC-owned Bravo cable channel, Richter, owner of Stefan’s European Catering in Santa Monica, California, was lighting up a cigarette as he argued with some other chefs in his contestant group over the elements of a meal menu."

What say ye, Stefan, what say ye?

But hark, what's this?

Yes, indeed. As a garnish to the outrage, right next to the article is an ad for “I’d Rather Be Waterboarding” t-shirts. Stay classy and consistent, NewsBusters.


David Dust said...
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David Dust said...

This is so ridiculous. As a result of the "Newsbusters" story, Stefan has actually received DEATH THREATS.

CLICK HERE to get Stefan's side of the story.

I just LOVE the "I'd Rather Be Waterboarding" T-Shirt. Way to keep it classy, Newsbusters.


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