Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fabio Viviani: “I Butchered My First Cow at 11”

That, possums, is just one of the interesting tidbits we learn from a Long Beach Press-Telegram article on the Fabio. Also of note:

He was called for Season 2 of Top Chef, but didn’t have his citizenship papers, and so couldn’t participate.
He daily drinks three tablespoons of olive oil.
His cholesterol is 137.
His favorite junk food is Nutella.
His favorite episode of this season was the Foo Fighters Thanksgiving show.
His advice on how to achieve a good life: “Eat a lot, laugh a lot, and have a lot of sex.”

Sadly, no word on his penchant for drag. At any rate, possums, have a read and experience the full Fabiolosity.


Troy said...

Bahahaa. Fabio in a black S&M outfit is priceless. "Gag" or not, it's so telling.

Anonymous said...

His sense of humor is awesome. It takes a real man to be comfortable in not taking everything seriously. His wife's lucky; he's very handsome.