Friday, February 27, 2009

New York Chef to Stefan Richter: My Dishes Are Dirtier Than Yours!

Well, possums, it looks as though Stefan Richter has finally found an Italian chef who isn’t happy to join him on Team Euro.

As our pals at Grub Street relate, Pino Luongo—who, according to The New York Post, “was synonymous with the high-powered New York dining scene of the '80s and '90s,” and who a couple of months ago released a memoir titled Dirty Dishes—is “flabbergasted” that Stefan’s own book, scheduled for release in May, is also titled Dirty Dishes. Luongo calls him out for being unoriginal and destined always to be second, and “strongly suggests” that Stefan change the title of his book.

Possums, it is on. Herr Richter, your move.


Anonymous said...

I love you Stefan. You should have won. You are great. Can't wait to read your book!!


Anonymous said...

Oh good lord..get over it. Love you Stefan

Buzz Kill said...

Maybe he could rename it "Hosea's Bitch". Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I think he should thanks Stefan for the free publicity and sales he will get when people pick up his book by mistake.

Anonymous said... your destiny be the second one, sorry loser.

Anonymous said...

His book should be titled "shit stick' , best way to describe himself .

Anonymous said...

Ok OK to all the bitter ones yes im a looser. Ha ha. Big time Shitstick and yes i will change my titel to Stefan's Dirty Dishes hope that works ;-). OR shitstick dirtydishes schmuck.

Hope that works

Stefan who got the shitstick Ha ha

And to everybody who loves me Kisses from Santa Monica ;-)

Anonymous said...


You were robbed. Big time.

You are Top Chef.

Anonymous said...

Stefan you are obsessed with what people say about you on this blog, so much for being 'confident'.. haha ,what a joke

diane said...


You are a wonderful chef and a great person. I look forward to picking up your book. You are and will always be top chef to me as well as many many others. Best wishes.


Anonymous said...

Nice shirts you're selling, i cant believe how stupid somebody can be. America dont like you Stefan, get over it !

Chef Paredes said...

Have some RESPECT for those older Chefs who paved the way for younger Chefs.Chef Luongo made it by way of his skill and food, NOT a reality tv show!!!