Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reunion Show Filmed Yesterday; Fabio Merchandising Blitz Begins

As per Raggaydy Andy's blog,

We taped the reunion show yesterday....It was a lot of laughs and the [producers] unearthed some laugh-out-loud never-before-seen footage. It was raining t-shirts as gave away a few...and Fabio surprised us all with some of his own. The Italian heartbreaker made shirts that featured quotes that other people said to him during the show, and some with lines that he wanted to say to others.


Tom hosted all the chefs and judges for a viewing of last night's episode at CraftSteak and it was so sweet watching Carla's husband watch the show. He cried as he discovered that not only had his wife won the episode, she won a Toyota Venza and a spot in the finale. (Carla is a good soldier and is living by her confidentiality contract!). The restaurant erupted into thunderous applause celebrating her win, and that lady took her well-earned bows. Concurrently, you could hear a pin drop when Fabio and Stefan were up for elimination, and the crowd groaned when Fabio hit the knife like that poor chimp Travis.

And if you look, Bravo is already selling the t-shirt pictured above. Uh-oh. Might this mean that Fabio will take the fan favorite prize from Hootie? Say it ain't so.

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Buzz Kill said...

Ummm...that's a guy wearing that shirt, right? Not that there's anything wrong with that. It is BRAVO after all.