Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So When Is Fabio’s TV Show Premiering?

That Fabio Viviani is getting his very own show seems as much an open secret as it does a teleological necessity (television was invented so that Fabio could go on it). On his blog, Tom Colicchio says,

Fabio was very gracious in defeat, though, and I will share with you that the following morning, I had a chance to spend a little time with Fabio, and I learned that he has a lot of exciting developments happening professionally. This is a man who by the age of thirty had run and sold several successful restaurants in Italy, come to the U.S. and created great opportunity for himself. Without spilling the beans prematurely, I'll say only that we all have not heard the last from Fabio …

Sure sounds like television to us. Indeed, during his exit interview, after recounting a De Sican childhood of little money, child labor and cardboard shoes, Fabio himself says, “I have offer for new tv show.”

So, will it be Bravo, Food Network, or KTLA?

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Anonymous said...

It will obviously be Bravo because the Top Chef contracts sew up all contestants for life pretty much, win, lose, or draw.