Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Amuse-Biatch Photoessay: Mike Isabella Reveals Himself as the Lon Cheney, Sr., De Nos Jours


madcapmag said...

1. I tried to say something funny.
2. But it made me look even more like a douche.
3. So I tried to laugh it off.
4. But that didn't work so well.

Nexpider said...

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UK Website Design Company said...

I can see all the phases of life in these expressions. Have a smile always.

Anonymous said...

So, who is the bigger douche bag Mike I. or Hosea R.?

BaltimoreGal said...

SUCH a douche. He is Mike the Douche.
Also what person of Greek heritage who has been to Greece cannot pronounce Gyro?

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