Monday, August 24, 2009

Eve Aronoff Just as Much of a Klutz as Her Voice and First-Episode Performance Would Suggest

From an interview with The Detroit News:

I understand you were on crutches for the first part of the filming. What happened?
It was a little hectic, I had broken my foot the day before so I was in a boot, and then my father had to go into the hospital. Then I cut my finger packing my knives, and I missed my flight because the airline didn't have my reservation.

Were you nervous about being on the show?
I'm really a free spirit, so I didn't have a problem adapting. The show is created to simulate reality, but there were times it was hard to be in the moment.


Anonymous said...

she looks a lot like Mary Kay Latourneau

Donny623 said...

Anyone that follows Eve's obviously well deserved successful career should also know that she is the best friend one could ever have.

Donny Dailey