Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not a Damned Thing About Eve

Eve, Eve, little Miss Eve….

Oh, whom are we kidding, possums? Even channeling Miss Bette Davis, we just don’t have it in us to be cruel about the fact that Eve Aronoff was pykagged. Not even the thought of her grating accent and her klutziness can rouse us to cruelty; it would be like kicking a cat. That must mean we have some shred of conscience, empathy, humanity left, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?

Bottom line: she had no business being on Top Chef. Her true place is back in dear Ann Arbor, or as a minor character in a Woody Allen film, one of the funny ones. That Eve should be sent home on a “Battle of the Sexes” episode where the women lose is just a touch too right.


KMB said...

Awww. That's nice. Out of character, but nice. I agree. I was trying to root for my "semi-local," but she just seemed completely out of her element. I hear her restaurant is very good.

TROLL Y2K said...

Horribly boring episode. My guess is the judges wanted to axe the fat chick but Bravo over-ruled them cause she has those hip new things called tattoos and piercings.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I felt sorry for Eve until I saw her exit video on the Bravo website.

I mean I get that the chefs who leave in the early rounds have to save face and all. But in her exit interview Eve took it too far IMO by taking swipes at the other chefs in a snaky kind of way.

Like saying if she hadn't been eliminated she would've volunteered to leave because some of the other chefs needed this competition more to define themselves. And then dismissing other chef's styles and then saying she wasn't criticizing anyone's style.

It was the second episode and Eve had only gotten to know the other chefs for a few days. Why is she throwing them under the bus already?

Anonymous said...

I don't keep up with Top Chef anymore but I do occassionally read your blog. Notwithstanding that I don't know a damn thing about Eve I still am left to ponder who you: A mere blogger are to tell anyone where they would be better off?

Seriously just like me you probably don't pay for blog hosting and since Eve was talented enough to get on Top Chef in the first place (marginal cooking skills aside). Well she's on television and as anyone seeking fame knows the importasnt thing is to be seen.

As far as appearing in a Wooody Allen flick: The last person to do so Penelope Cruz won and Academy Award so Eve's still 2 for 2.

Everyone wants to be glib and flippant today. Online journalism vacillates from the unfunny to the extremely cruel, to droll.

I do the same thing except the majority of my criticism is directed at and well deserved by Ilene Chaiken , NUF said (or written).


Person Who Enjoys This Blog and Top Chef, But Not Arrogant Self-Promoters said...

Eeeeewwwww. Go away, last commentator.

Anonymous said...

ugh, I hate commentors that comment only to post links to their own blogs...anon 12:45, are you serious?? You accuse Amuse Biotch of snarking, then go on to say how you snark about someone dif, but you're snarking has more merit?? Get off of it...and we get it, you are defending the lesbian. And yes, Eve is a les, I mean c'mon, check out her coice of footwear.

Anonymous said...


Amuse-Biatch writes better than you do.

Anonymous said...

Do you do any research on the backgrounds of the contestants or just make quick judgements on them from an hour of television?? Have you read Eve's cookbook or seen the praise for her from the likes of Mario Batali...Alice Waters..or eaten at her restaurant...