Thursday, October 26, 2006

First Reaction: Lychee Sounds Suspiciously Like "Lie, Cheat"

As usual, we will have much more to say over the next few days, as the little bees off our Laguiole knives sit in their little hives, making envenomed honey. But oh do they have a lot to work with!
Hideous fashions! A new L.A. Plague, the Pigtails! The first use of the word "multicultural"! A great debate over the pronunciation of an overripe Asian fruit (is it too early for a Ming Tsai joke?)!
A parable of feesh and lovs for our time! Subversive politics! Geography lessons! Still another profound parable, this one about Kim Jong Il, and the responsibility of speaking truth to overcoiffed dictators!
And who knew the leathery-skinned, bubble-shaped lychee would turn into "Top Chef's" version of leather bubble shorts?
The bees, they are a-buzzing, mes enfants.

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