Thursday, November 30, 2006

Elia Aboumrad Bikini Shot


To the chaps (or fabulous lesbians) who have washed up on the frivolous, parterred shores of this blog after Googling "elia aboumrad bikini shot" (and you know who you are, bless your libidinous little hearts), this is the best we could do for you.

Note the way the steam rises over her heaving, nubile young bosom and that fabulous champignon-colored, asymmetrical-neckline top (sorry, Nabokovian pervs, we couldn't keep up the charade for more than a few words; we felt like David Gest kissing Liza, or Tom kissing Katie).
Note to Padma: this is how you do sexy and body-conscious without looking whorish in the kitchen. This, pace Raggaydy Andy, is how you "look as white-hot as possible while tasting and discussing food."


Anonymous said...

She's grown on me, our dour Elia. And I suspect she's the dark horse in this competition.

I agree with you. On the whole, she looks sexier in her work clothes than Padma in her TC outfits.

Padma in a bikini top in the kitchen? I am shuddering already.

Anonymous said...

she is such a sarcastic biatch...who talks like "THESSSSSSSS"..annoying. I am from mexico myself...and I dont stress soooo much on my accent...

Anonymous said...

Elia is hot as hell. And I love her accent. I think she's awesome.

Anonymous said...

She actually looks good with the shaved head. I'd love to see her nude.

Anonymous said...

Ooh fabulous lesbian here! She is AMAZING..she is originally from Mexico but attended school in Paris so she probably has a mix between Spanish and French. Or maybe it's just Spanish different than what I've been hearing.