Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Raggaydy Andy Leis Lookyloo Lesbian Luau

Alright...Raggaydy Andy's just toying with us now. Get a load of this, from today's blog, written from the Hawaiian location that is hosting the "Top Chef" finale.
He captions this picture: "Are Padma and Gail on their way to a Hawaiian Lesbian Prom?" And he refers to Padma as "Olivia Neutron Bomb." (For those who, unlike us, are not card-carrying honorary lesbians, "Olivia" is a heavily lesbian word, especially because of the Olivia cruiseship line, which organizes lesbian cruises cheekily referred to as "Rub a Dub Dub, Three Thousand Dykes in a Tub").
So, more deconstruction: Aside from lesbians, who would be titillated by such a picture? Why, straight men, of course. Can it be so? Has Padma really done it and turned Andy Cohen straight? Do we really have to stop calling him Raggaydy Andy? Do we have to start calling our judge Gayle?

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