Friday, December 29, 2006

Elia Aboumrad: A Socialite's Life

As promised, possums, now that it is Friday, the last Friday of this year of our Lord 2006--and that we are lounging in our gastronomic fiefdom, sporting a Sulka dressing gown before a roaring fire that is constantly fed by pages torn from the collected works of Dan Brown, Jonathan Franzen, and Plum Sykes--we bring you photographs from the previous socialite existence of our very own Elia Aboumrad y familia.

We begin with this photograph of Elia and her mother Elia Harfuch. Yes, possums, that appears to be her mother. We thought the same thing, too. Really, the first time we saw it and read the caption, we thought it was Elia's cousin Elia Harfuch, the one whose wedding our Elia catered, and who, it seemed to us, had mysteriously been a bottle blonde only a few months before her wedding. But closer inspection and investigation revealed that it is, indeed, Mama Elia. Apropos of absolutely nothing, we remind you that, as we pointed out in an earlier post (use the handy Blogger-provided tags to find it), Mama Elia is a plastic surgeon.

The photo is from a luncheon organized by the Mexico division of Swarovski, which society rag Casas & Gente, despite pronouncing itself "La Revista Internacional de las Cosas Bellas" (the international magazine of the finer things [in life]), charmingly and repeatedly misspells as "Swarowski." According to the rag's breathless account, the photo is from an "exclusive" luncheon held in 2005 at Le Jardin du Soleil in the Le Cirque Restaurant (yes, possums, that Le Cirque; Sirio Maccioni has extended his empire as far as Mexico City) to introduce Swarovski's spring-summer 2005 collection and sell items to raise funds for the Mexico Vivo Foundation.

Our Elia looks fierce (see, Padma? this is another take on how a dark-haired woman wears yellow). However, she is a little more glammed up than we're accustomed to, and we're not quite sure this Salome-like incarnation is entirely to our liking; we think we prefer her dewy, specs-wearing, heavily accented, chokolett-smearing self. Elia's mother, on the other hand, appears to have washed her hair in the same golden river of peroxide that runs through the heart of Los Angeles, Caracas, New York, Houston, Lima, and Miami. Moreover, the good doctor is not afraid of a floral print, and we commend her for that (we're not in the business of making cracks about people's mothers).

This photograph, also from the glossy pages of Casas & Gente, is from an open house cocktail party at the "gastronomic fiefdom" (we kid you not) of a certain Jaime Hernández--in other words, the opening of an Argentine restaurant in Mexico City. (By the way, we are going to start using that "gastronomic fiefdom" phrase a lot.) The society snap is of our Elia's father, Nicolás Aboumrad, our Elia's sister (we think), Lorraine Aboumrad, and our Elia's mother (ye shall know her by her yellow hair and yellow clothes), Dr. Elia Harfuch de Aboumrad. We're too polite to wolf-whistle, but Elia's sister's a knockout, and the floral-print fearlessness does seem to run in the family.

Finally, we bring you another photograph of Elia's mother, this time at an International Women's Forum cocktail party, once again demonstrating her complete fearlessness in the face of floral patterns. (Uli Herzner, we think you have a very good client waiting for you in Mexico City; perhaps Raggaydy Andy Cohen of Bravo should be the go-between. Come to think of it, why hasn't Bravo had its Project Runway finalists design garments for its Top Chef finalists? No opportunity for cross-promotion is too small, Raggaydy Andy.)


JullesDelight said...

Mother Harfuch is single handedly keeping the ladies "clothing" store Cache in business! I mean, tight pink trousers on a Woman over 30!?! Bleeeeecccchhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Oi, and not to mention the floral prints! Are we sure she's not the one working in Vegas!?!

Anonymous said...

she "acted" exactly like a spoiled rich mexican social-xray,during the entire show,
I loved how she hated Tom C so much, he saw through her,,I'm a superior rich-girl attitude, she is slumming in Vegas , until her super -rich parents choose another equally rich husband for her,, i loathe her