Monday, December 04, 2006

Feeding People Inside and Out (God, Did We Really Write Such a Cheesy Headline?)

This is the sight that greeted Miss XaXa when she went a-calling, the pale yellow and ocher front of Feed the People! , with the smoker right out in front, like a family pet; come to think of it, a lot like George Clooney's potbellied pig, the one that just made its way to the great Niman Ranch in the sky.

Mia cooks for cowboys, Oakdale is a cowboy kind of town, and the restaurant certainly has that look about it, Edward Hopper meets "Deadwood." The interior is very simple, to say the least. The walls are decorated with family portraits and memorabilia, and the chairs and tables covered with Southwestern-colored chintz (in fact, we found the slip covers on the back of the chairs inexplicably poignant). The point of the restaurant, then, is not ambiance, but food.

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Anonymous said...

Dahlings, having dated a (much younger) man from Charleston, I consider myself a connoiseur of Southern Cooking. Mia's restaurant is spot on.

Oh, for those of you who've never been with a young Southern man, ask one to roll is rrrrrr'sss. Grrrrowllllll! Sexy! (Their food's none too bad either.)

Miss Xa Xa's one hot number. Bet she can cook too!